What makes you who you are? Millennial identity shaped by culture?

What makes you who you are?


According to this fun little article, that will take some of you down memory lane, people are shaped by pop-culture.  I will say that flipping through the top 100 things does conjure some old memories of how teens have perceived themselves in the past 15 years or so.  As a youth pastor that has served this age group as youngsters, it is amazing to see how music, movies, television and outrageous things (Janet Jackson at the Superbowl) have made an identity for this age group.

The word identity for me stirs up different ideas about how people do find identity.  Our culture/society says we find our identity in what we do and the things we accumulate.  For years this has been the norm for our American way of life and probably will continue for years to come.   This truly brings into question how people see themselves.  Do they truly see themselves as self-governed people or independent thinkers? etc…   Or is it just a ruse and people think they are independent but yet they are shaped by outside worldly influences determining their every move?

Letting our outside environment shape who we are can be positive but it can also be quite damaging.   I believe all of us our created and shaped by God who gave us a soul that can either be filled with the things of truth and life or of evil and darkness.  The world claims they have this truth and life but these things always fall short of bringing a true sense of satisfaction.  God calls us to fill ourselves with His word and let it over flow so others might see the goodness and the light of life.  Those who follow Christ, know where their identity comes from and they know what they are filling their inner-soul with.  Psalm 107:8-9



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